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EastMuskingum Local Schools Report Card



Just as East Muskingum sends home a report card to tell you how well your child is learning, our school also receives a Local Report Card each August from the Ohio Department of Education. This report informs our school and parents if we are doing a good job of educating our students. This year not only is there a new reporting system; it is a new calculating system. You can see our most recent report card at reportcard.education.ohio.gov.



If you have seen these reports in past years, you may have noticed something different. The old report card that used terms such as “Excellent” and “Continuous Improvement” to rate schools has been discontinued.  When this reporting system began in 1999-2000 East Muskingum was rated “Continuous Improvement.” Through time we ascended to a rating of “Excellent with Distinction.”



Our school now gets letter grades of A-F on nine ways of measuring school success. One of our newsletter grades is for “overall student progress.” It is important to remember when skimming through the “letter grades;” this is a very different calculation and reporting system. It is not possible to compare apples to oranges.



As we work through the new report card rating system I have faith in two things. One, the focus is on the students and cannot be on the wavering reporting system. Two: I have complete faith in our staff who were rated Excellent with Distinction last year. They are the same teachers who have prepared a positive learning environment for students this year.



These reports rate our school in specific areas as defined by ODE. However, there are many details behind each of these letter grades.  Over the next two years, the department of education will add new ways of measuring how well we are serving our students.  Starting in August 2015, our school and others will get grades on 18 items in six categories.  We also get an overall letter grade. Similar report cards will be published for other school districts as a whole.



We do not know yet what our overall grade will be in two years. But please know that the teachers and support staff at our school are always working to improve our teaching and your child’s learning. Just as we are “Proud of our Past,” we will continue to refine to “Provide for our Future.”



You can learn more about Local Report Card grades and how they are determined at the website link above. Please continue to read this section as I will be updating with more information as we move through interpreting the details of the new calculating and reporting system over the next two years.



Jill R. Johnson







The mission of East Muskingum Schools, a learning community, is to educate, motivate, and graduate students to live successfully in a changing world.


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