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Inspection of Instructional Materials

Matters Regarding Instructional Materials

If the request, suggestion, or complaint relates to instructional materials such as textbooks, library books, reference works, and other instructional aids used in the District, the following procedure shall be followed:

 A.The criticism is to be addressed to the assistant superintendent, in writing, and shall include author; title; publisher; the complainant's familiarity with the material objected to; sections objected to, by page and item; and/or reasons for objection.
 B.Upon receipt of the information, the assistant superintendent may appoint a review committee.
 C.The committee, in evaluating the questioned material, shall be guided by the following criteria:
  1.the appropriateness of the material for the age and maturity level of the students with whom it is being used
  2.the accuracy of the material
  3.the objectivity of the material
  4.the use being made of the material
 D.The material in question may be withdrawn from use pending the committee's recommendation to the Superintendent.
 E.The committee's recommendation shall be reported to the Superintendent in writing within ten (10) business days following the formation of the committee. The Superintendent will advise the complainant, in writing, of the committee's recommendation and advise the Board of the action taken or recommended.
 F.The complainant may appeal this decision, within thirty (30) business days, to the Board through a written request to the Superintendent, who shall forward the request and all written material relating to the matter to the Board.
 G.The Board shall review the case and advise the complainant, in writing, of its decision within five (5) business days.

No challenged material may be removed from the curriculum or from a collection of resource materials except by action of the Board, and no challenged material may be removed solely because it presents ideas that may be unpopular or offensive to some. Any Board action to remove material will be accompanied by the Board's statement of its reasons for the removal.