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Open Enrollment

Intra-District Open Enrollment

In accordance with state law (ORC 3313.97), the East Muskingum Board of Education has established an intra-district open enrollment policy. The policy applies to the elementary schools.
The Board of Education believes that whenever possible, students should be permitted to attend the school building of their choice within the district. Therefore, students shall be allowed to attend any school of their choice on a first come, first served basis depending on the number of eligible openings, class size, building enrollment, etc.
Students within a designated attendance area shall have priority in registering in that school. Students may apply for open enrollment in a school outside their attendance area. Such applications shall be approved if there is space available in the classes in the requested school and the application has been submitted on or before five school days prior to the start of school in accordance with the regulation accompanying this policy. Applications will be acted upon and all applicants will be notified no later than the Thursday before the first student day of school.

For application information, please contact your local school building or call the District Office at 740-826-7655.


Inter-District Open Enrollment

The East Muskingum Board of Education approved open enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year. The Ohio legislature enable school boards to make the annual decision of whether to remain open or closed to non-resident student enrollment. In 2004, the East Muskingum Board decided to open the district to non-resident student enrollment. We believe that we have been able to adequately assimilate additional students without adversely affecting our pupil teacher ratio and student achievement. This ratio is monitored on a yearly basis and if a grade level is over the prescribed limit it is closed to additional open enrollment students.

The annual application period for open enrollment will occur during March and families will be notified of their status prior to the beginning of the following school year. Families applying for open enrollment will be required to provide all information required on the application and once accepted must register their child at the appropriate school building. Additionally, they will be required to follow all procedures defined in the Board's open enrollment policy. Anyone applying after the deadline may be considered based upon our "native" district enrollment and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Questions regarding open enrollment may be directed to the East Muskingum District Office at 740-826-7655.